• Upgraded pattern matching capabilities in the behavioral model.

    • This is especially relevant for additional coverage of identity store locations, such as cryptocurrency wallet locations.

  • Increased software dependency functionality for (Cyber Crucible) libraries in use for upcoming fully automated identity access protection.

  • Opt-in capability to run the agent in safe mode


  • Optimize memory usage in the service. This would only have been experienced on very busy servers with lots of behavioral analysis occurring (by Cyber Crucible) simultaneously.

MD5 Hashes

service.exe = 1cb8e19fc9ed2788189684f23693087a assistant.exe = c60e851d9836955b078474270e04d0c1 CCRRSecMon.sys (Windows7) = 3b7656b24a0e2387389f0ce9db375379 CCRRSecMon.sys (Windows8) = 204689e666bb704621ebbd5d606a1274 CCRRSecMon.sys (Windows10) = f9839b8b2437a3a7b6a099d2598dc639