• Reduced bandwidth usage:

    • Use compression for larger telemetry data and larger server responses

    • Use HTTP/2 for compressed headers and greater socket efficiency

  • Increased insight into certificate operations.


  • Encode certificate metadata in raw telemetry when non-RFC-compliant labels exist. Network security infrastructure was corrupting or deleting the payloads, causing the agent to re-transmit until success.

MD5 Hashes

service.exe = 686e91ca0f1bab7a0f3b09d2052d7e4c CCRRSecMon.sys (Windows7) = 25c194ee5f3c4ef25ef86124303aec82 CCRRSecMon.sys (Windows8) = 6b4b8b6cc960a718464fd3ebb89b1fe8 CCRRSecMon.sys (Windows10) = 8c668fe57652530d77d323b8563d3f4e