• Increased hardening of portions of functionality previously conducted by the Windows cryptography libraries are done conducted by the Cyber Crucible kernel driver.

    • This is both general hardening, and an increase in telemetry indicating possible attacks against Windows cryptography libraries and APIs.


  • Fixed some process reports incorrectly reporting the listed certificate as “not trusted”, due to Windows certificate library functionality loss.

MD5 Hashes

service.exe = fd2157d8dee1d07ec45406a1d323359c CCRRSecMon.sys (Windows7) = c2b051b1001474419e7572fd23625d84 CCRRSecMon.sys (Windows8) = 335d355bbd492c390e67ac615c5252b0 CCRRSecMon.sys (Windows10) = 0d1fc32fba2cb878ce8cb0f549b8d167