Changing The Group of Multiple Agents At Once


There are a couple actions you can take before doing a mass reassignment of agents, to make the process go much smoother.

Ensure you have administration permissions to use both the source and destination groups. This can be validated via the Roles page, under Administration.

Next, you will want to ensure you have enough licenses available in the destination group.

Please note, migrating an agent to a group does not mean there are licenses available in destination group.

If there are not licenses available in the destination group, the agent will still be visible in the web administration panel you are currently observing.

Agents without licenses have prevention of identity theft, data theft, or ransomware damage disabled.

The ability to count available licenses easily, is to show the License Usage Count Chart on the Agent Licenses page.

Here, we see, of the two large groups of licenses, the 3000+ agent group has almost all licenses free, while the group to the right of that has almost all licenses consumed at this time.

Hovering over a bar will detail the exact number of licenses available and consumed.

Moving Agents

First, select multiple agents that you wish to move. The bulk change group icon will be disabled until agents are selected by clicking on the rows.

Multiple rows are selected by holding down the control key while single clicking on rows.

Then click the bulk change group icon above the grid.


In the modal that pops up, select the destination group. The agents will migrate to the new group.