Security Email Notifications


Security Notifications are alerts emailed out to users detailing security related events including ransomware activities, abnormal identity accesses, and offline agents. Users may opt to send the alert to a single email address, or send the alert to all group members.

How to Create a Security Notification

Users can create security notifications by first logging into our website and going to the Security Notifications page found under the Administration tab on the left sidebar.

Then click the Create New Security Notification icon above the grid, which will open a modal with information to fill out about the new notification.

On this modal you may choose to:

  • Select the group the notification is for

  • Send offline agent alerts for agents that are set as hidden on the agents grid. Turning this setting off means that hidden agents will be ignored when sending offline agent alerts for this notification

  • Send ransomware activity alerts for Silent Responses, see here

  • Send notification emails to all group members, or limit to a single email address

  • Enter a friendly name for the notification (optional), otherwise the notification will be given a randomly assigned name

  • Select Notification Types that this notification will send alerts for

  • Select the time interval for how often these alerts will be sent out. Note that alerts will only be sent out if 1 or more events are found over the time interval. Alerts do not send for 0 events found

How to Delete a Security Notification

Users can delete a security notification by first selecting the desired notification to delete on the grid, and then clicking the trash icon above the grid.

How to Turn a Security Notification Off Without Deleting

If you wish to turn a security notification off without deleting it, you need to find the desired notification on the grid and turn the toggles off for the Ransomware Activity, Offline Agent, and Abnormal Identity Access columns.

The security notification will be turned off when the 3 columns are each toggled off, the toggles will look like: