Cyber Crucible On-Boarding Process

Group Management

Before installing agents, users may want to prepare by setting up their groups. Follow the Group Management instructions here.

Setting up Agent Security Alerts

Users may setup email notifications for security events including ransomware activities, abnormal identity accesses, and offline agents. Instructions can be found here.

Agent Installation Planning Best Practices

Some environments have similar user, application, and system behavior and configuration throughout their business. Others have specialized groups that behave differently, such as a sales team versus a division of software engineers.

Deployment and configuration is so fast that taking a couple minutes to plan an installation to a subset of desktops or servers that share the same business behaviors or applications will allow you to assess if any applications need to be accounted for.

Additionally, it is highly common to find Cyber Crucible discover previously unknown (and unauthorized) management software and VPNs, unauthorized admin scripts, mis-configured software, or even infections during initial rollout.

Installing the Agent

When you are ready to install your agents, instructions can be found here and here

Update Strategies for Groups and Agents

To manage the update strategies for groups and agents, follow the instructions here.

How to Investigate the Root Cause of an Extortion Response

The Extortion Response page can be found under the Operations tab in the sidebar. The instructions on how to investigate the root cause of an alert can be found here.

Tailored Behaviors

Instructions on creating tailored behaviors can be found here.

Rest Integration

Some users may wish to integrate with our rest server. The Rest Integration page with documentation can be found on our website under the Administration tab in the sidebar.