Changing Which Group An Agent Is In

Changing the group that an agent is in is simple.

First, navigate to the Agents page.

Second, find the Agent you wish to change group membership.

Double click on the Group cell of the row of the agent you wish to change group membership for.

The cell you double clicked on (the first cell in this example) changes to this view:

Select the drop down, and the groups available to move the agent to appears.

If you change your mind, and do not want to change groups - just click on a different row of the grid.

Please note, migrating an agent to a group does not mean there are licenses available in destination group.

If there are not licenses available in the destination group, the agent will still be visible in the web administration panel you are currently observing.

Agents without licenses have prevention of identity theft, data theft, or ransomware damage disabled.

You can also change the group of multiple agents at once on the Agents page by:

First, selecting the agents you wish to change group membership.

Second, clicking the bulk change group icon.

Third, selecting the new group for the agents and clicking the Update button.