How Do I Automatically Allocate Licenses from a Distribution Group?

Where is the Source Distribution Group Setting?

The Source Distribution Group setting can be used to automatically allocate licenses. This setting can be located on the Groups page in the Source Distribution Group column. You can Double Click a cell in this column to change a group’s Source Distribution Group setting, or click Remove Association to make the group have no Source Distribution Group setting.

When Does the Source Distribution Group Setting Get Used?

The Source Distribution Group gets used when an agent is looking for a free license during installation, and when installed agents are looking for a free license when calling in without an assigned license or with an expired license.

When there are no free licenses available in an agent’s group, we will automatically look in this group’s Source Distribution Group for a free license if the group has a source distribution group set. If a free license is found in the Source Distribution Group, the license will be assigned to the agent and the license will be moved over to the agent’s group automatically.

Example: Group A has no free licenses available, but Group B has free licenses available. Group A has its Source Distribution Group set to Group B. An agent is being installed for Group A, we look and no license is found in Group A. We see Group A has its Source Distribution Group set to Group B and we look for a free license in Group B. We find a free license from Group B. The agent is assigned a license from Group B and the license is moved over to Group A automatically.