• Increased hardening of portions of functionality previously conducted by the Windows cryptography libraries are done conducted by the Cyber Crucible kernel driver.

    • This is both general hardening, and an increase in telemetry indicating possible attacks against Windows cryptography libraries and APIs.

  • This is a milestone release from incremental releases found in -, all aligned on the previous cryptography analysis hardening functionality.

    • Early telemetry indicates the failures in Windows certificate and cryptography libraries were legitimately responded to by Cyber Crucible.

    • It is unknown at this time what percentage of issues were due to exploitation vs a Windows core library bug. Please contact your Cyber Crucible representative to discuss further as necessary.


  • Fixed some process reports incorrectly reporting the listed certificate as “not trusted”, due to Windows certificate library functionality loss.

MD5 Hashes

service.exe = 79650eea0a93b8f480b4247d57ddd03b CCRRSecMon.sys (Windows7) = 06a647c897f9f385416482a4e899e204 CCRRSecMon.sys (Windows8) = 72c1b462e3e8e3fa4dcf6344ce3b0acd CCRRSecMon.sys (Windows10) = 02b1c53268059ae38427fe43152d593c